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I have an online college homework assignment that requires me to use the theme "Feathered" on Excel. I have Office 365 (updated completely 4/5/22) and the course requires at least office from 2016. I imagine this is an outdated theme. I can not figure out how to get this theme on mine, as it is theoretically "too updated" for that one. If you have a quick fix as to how I can get this theme, please let me know. I reached out to my course instructor as well, but I figured this community may have an idea also.

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Sounds like an outdated assignment for sure.


Here's my idea:

Assuming you have a general idea of how the "Feathered" theme ends up affecting the appearance of things, find a theme that IS current, one that closely resembles that and use it, along with a note to the instructor explaining why

  • including the recommendation that future assignments call not for a specific theme by name, but rather for a certain kind of "look," leaving a little bit to the creativity of the student.
  • After all, the objective of the exercise is to learn to use the tools available, I would think (as a former instructor), and that learning objective would be enhanced by giving students more latitude and a more general task to accomplish