Missing Tabs at Bottom of Excel Spreadsheet

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This is my first post so I apologize if I'm seeking help on something that's obvious or simple.


I'm working on a Dell laptop and I've got the Microsoft suite, including Excel, loaded on it. I've been working on a particular Excel spreadsheet for years, updating it quarterly without problems. Each quarter, I've added a new tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet identified by the appropriate month/day/year. Recently, when I opened this spreadsheet, all the bottom tabs (with the dates) were missing. I've looked at my Advanced settings and I see that the box "Show Sheet Tabs" is checked, so I don't think that's the problem. Also, I see my bottom tabs remain on my other Excel documents so it's not a systemic problem, only a problem with this particular spreadsheet.


I'm working with a touchpad and not a mouse so if I need to touch the touch pad in a particular way, please let me know.


Please help.


Thank you!

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Does it help if you maximize or restore the workbook window?

No, but YouTube was my friend. I watched a brief video that provided a solution. In my Excel spreadsheet, I had to go to "View," then "Arrange All," and finally click the box "Windows of active workbook." That fixed the problem. It wasn't intuitive.