Missing Data Types (Office 365)

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Hello all,

the last few weeks suddenly I cannot see the data types (stocks, geography etc...) in my Office 365 (I tried from both 2 pcs with the same behavior). I tried reinstalling office, use vpn but without any results. Please advise since I cannon find any solution in the web.

I also check Ribbon, it's also missing from there.


version: Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2204 Build 16.0.15128.20158) 64-bit



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The same problem. I do everything, even reinstall office - not help.

On second computer using some version and account everything works fine.


I try to find how to completely remove Office and all their settings, there is some wrong settings in registry or files... :(

Issue for some reason is resolving only if you sign-out and sign-in again. No reboot, no re-install. Only sign-out and sign-in. But this only temporary. After an unspecific period it happens again.


@Pernille-Eskebo should check it.

I have the same problem . what's going on?