Missing Data Types (Office 365)

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Hello all,

the last few weeks suddenly I cannot see the data types (stocks, geography etc...) in my Office 365 (I tried from both 2 pcs with the same behavior). I tried reinstalling office, use vpn but without any results. Please advise since I cannon find any solution in the web.

I also check Ribbon, it's also missing from there.


version: Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2204 Build 16.0.15128.20158) 64-bit



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The same problem. I do everything, even reinstall office - not help.

On second computer using some version and account everything works fine.


I try to find how to completely remove Office and all their settings, there is some wrong settings in registry or files...

Issue for some reason is resolving only if you sign-out and sign-in again. No reboot, no re-install. Only sign-out and sign-in. But this only temporary. After an unspecific period it happens again.


@microsoft should check it.

I have the same problem . what's going on?