Microsoft Teams Excel date formatting issue

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I am using an excel sheet through teams. my date and region formats are set to UK on my PC, the browser, teams and my Microsoft account. however i type the date in dd/mm/yy format and excel opened in the browser through teams changes it to mm/dd/yy. this was working fine using the dd/mm/yy format and then suddenly wasn't working and started changing it to the mm/dd/yy format

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What are your regional settings for the connected Sharepoint site?

Hello, bases on my experience, one you change your Date Format from your computer or laptops Regional Settings, all your applications obey the format including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Teams etc...

To permanently change your Date Format:
1. In your Control Panel, click on Change Date, Time or Number Formats under the Clock and Region
2. Click on Additional Settings
3. Click on Date tab
4. In the Short Date, you can specify desired format i.e. dd/mm/yyyy
5. Click on Apply and OK

As said earlier,all your applications will follow the specified date format going forward...

@Sergei Baklan We do not have sharepoint on our computers 

@Abiola1 Like i said in my original post, all the settings are set to the correct region on my PC, teams, the browser and my microsoft account so this has not worked


Yes, SharePoint is not on your computers, it's in the cloud. If you have Teams, you have SharePoint, that's where Teams keep files. In Files tab within Team it shall be Open in SharePoint item of the menu. If open, you may check regional settings for the sharepoint site.

@Sergei Baklan I have no option to open in sharepoint and have checked with our IT department and they have said we do not have sharepoint. I only get the option to open in teams or in browser from files. not sharepoint


Could you please share how within Teams your Files tab looks like



@Sergei Baklan please see the below


I see, thank you. I'm not so familiar with Teams and have no idea why Sharepoint is not visible. But your files are definitely somewhere in the cloud (you see Upload, Sync, Download) and I believe regional setting are to be adjusted for that cloud storage.

Perhaps if ask Teams community here they could help.


Did you solve this? 
I had the same issue and resolved it by changing the language setting found when clicking on my profile pic in Teams.

@kinoom No because all my language settings on Teams and the computer are set to UK English and I still get this issue

@kinoom It worked for me, thank you very much! 

@smold2105 I also changed the language to UK in the profile but still get various sections and apps in Teams that do not follow the date format.  The big question here is why on Earth would anyone want to use a date format that makes no logical sense like mm/dd/yyyy? Programmatically it is a nightmare.


That's an option now directly in Excel Online/Teams and the File


@Sergei Baklan thanks, that last tip sorted out my issue

@Sergei Baklan Hi.  My issue is not specifically with Excel but with apps within Teams, in this case the built in Lists app.  

It won't allow me to change to the more logically correct UK date format of dd/mm/yyyy for date fields but forces me to use mm/dd/yyyy.




Yes, that's not Excel, these are regional setting for your online storage. In particular, for the List within Teams you may click on three dots


and open it in SharePoint site. For this exact site you need to change regional settings on UK ones. Usually US settings are default - date and time format, first day of the week, time zone...

You have to have administrative rights for that. If you don't have ask your admins to change these settings.



Posting here to assist others. Things to check when your date is wrong.


  • Systems regional settings. Check your PC's Regional Format is correct.
  • Office 365 Settings - File-> Options -> Language.
    • Also Check the Date formatting for cells - Right Click a Cell with Date -> Format Cell -> Check "Locale"
  • Check Teams "..." Three dots top right next to your profile. -> General -> App Language

Here is the kicker that I have found to be wrong with some users.

  • Check the Date formatting while IN an excel document IN Teams.
    • ie. Be in Teams - Have a shared Excel Document in that team open (still in teams) -> Right click a cell with a date as above and check the Locale.
    • NOTE: This may be related to the formatting/regional settings of the site on SharePoint and i have not fully tested this yet - If you do not have admin access to the SharePoint site, this is your fix.
    • Other Note: If you have to Delete your %appdata% for Teams to resolve any issues, you will need to apply the above fix again also.

Hope this helps someone out there.