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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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Microsoft Login - When Already Logged In

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Recently after enabling content, data refreshing, or saving a new version of an Excel file, Excel prompts to log into my Microsoft account. Though I'm already logged in.

Weird thing is this happens with some files and not for others.

Things I've tried:
1) Logging out of Excel as a whole and re-logging in
2) Resetting the log in credentials token
3) Restarting computer

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Just out of curiosity, are you on a Mac?


I have that happen with a fair degree of regularity, especially (it seems) on my M1 Mac Mini. Or it will say that it's unable to upload the file to OneDrive, even though it has! The annoying thing, in my case, is that the function that retrieves stock prices fails to work until I do that revalidation of my Microsoft 365 subscription.

@mathetes No, this is on a Windows based machine.