Microsoft Excel 16.49 with macro not responding on Mac Big Sur 11.3

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I am having issues with a specific excel document with macro lagging, not responding and not being able to be saved to my mac running on Big Sur 11.3. I have checked that excel has been updated to its latest version. My coworker who also has a Mac is running into the same issue but our coworker with a PC it is running fine. 


I have no problem with any other excel documents with macros on my mac only a specific one. I have tried to 'Save As' in a different location to see if that would fix the problem although like I said the document wont let me 'Save as' it stays on the loading page and then become non responsive. Would love any tips or tricks you can supply.

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I don't know for sure that this is the cause, but just checked my own Mac and Excel status. In each case, you seem to be one iteration behind.

Excel is version 16.50 and Mac Big Sur is 11.4




Hi @mathetes ,

Thank you. I updated both excel and my Mac to the current updates but I am still having the same issues will the excel document that is running macros. 

I"m generally not a fan of macros, do all I can to create spreadsheets that rely solely on built-in functions. It's not a total boycott, but pretty darn close.

That said, if this is happening with all your macros on the Mac (or even with most) and you know the same spreadsheet is working on a Windows system, you might try posting a question on the Apple support pages that are comparable to these. If it's only happening with this one spreadsheet, with this one macro, then I'd be curious what's distinctive about this spreadsheet and/or this macro.
Im not sure I completely understand macros, but I have opened several other documents that also contain macros no problem so Im leaning towards that it is an issue with this one specific document. I tried to 'save as' to see if I could figure out the issue but the document lags so much it wont even let me save, it just goes none responsive.
Is it not, then, one you wrote? It's possible, I suppose, that it contains some loop that takes a long time to work through all of its conditions. Could you ask one of your Windows owning colleagues to print it out, the macro that is, to study?