Method by which to apply multiple values to a single category for sorting purposes?

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Hello all!


I have a pretty basic knowledge of excel functions, and am trying to set up a spreadsheet for the purpose of sorting items in my wardrobe by different qualities (type, appropriate weather status, colors, etc.). I would really like to set it up in a way where I can query for something matching specific criteria easily, without having to make a column for every potential color or weather type which applies to an item. Is there a method anyone can think of to put multiple separate values in one cell to achieve this functionality, or any other method to achieve this kind of thing while making it easy to sort through items with multiple colors?



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The truth is you'd be far better served by keeping each category of quality or attribute in its own column. Mixing diverse categories or labels into one column makes for chaos. (There are frequent inquiries here in this forum asking "How do I separate out multiple entries in one cell?!")


For items with multiple colors, unless you're really finicky, I'd think it would suffice to have one column for "Primary color" and a second for "Secondary".  But all other qualities or dimensions should be on their own. I'm thinking of columns things like

  • Item Name or Description
  • Brand (if this matters)
  • Season
  • Size
  • Fabric
  • Primary Color
  • Secondary Color
  • Etc


You could also add columns for such things as

  • Gift from
  • Price
  • Date purchased



put multiple separate values in one cell to achieve

Could you provide some sample datas and show your expected result?