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how do I merge multiple sheets under one workbook to one sheet? see screen shot?



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To my knowledge there's not a single command (certainly no function or formula) that would take care of that. Your screen shot shows that there ARE multiple sheets, but doesn't give much more info on such matters as

  • Why do you want to merge them?
  • What's the bigger picture here?
  • Is each sheet the same basic format, just different content (i.e., different products/customers/entities of whatever kind)?"


Some general thoughts:

  • If this is a one-time affair, you might find it easiest just to copy and paste.
  • If, on the other hand, it's a longer term (recurring) matter, let us know: it's entirely possible that a wholly different solution, different design might be called for.
This was a PDF docuement that was converted to excell, there are 84 sheets, that I wanted to merge to one working workbook. the copy paste option is extensive, will see if saving to excel will work.

thank you



Having looked at that image, though, I do wonder what you're expecting or wanting Excel to do with that PDF's not organized in a table, for one thing....and if it's PDF to begin with, there aren't formulas relating one field, one number, to another. All of which leads me to ask now, why has it been imported to Excel? What will you be doing with it to make it useful as an Excel file (as opposed, say, to a Word document)?