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good morning all, i have a question, hopefully you may be able to help.

i am charged £285 per mile for the first 250 miles then 0.45p per mile thereafter

if we used 480 as an example what formula could i use to get my final cost?

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Do you really mean £285 per mile, or should that be a flat fee of £285 for the first 250 miles?







I would be happy to know if I could help.



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Hi Hans
Flat rate of £285 for the first 250 miles then 45pence per mile added on thereafter
Flat rate?$%&

not mentioned anywhere

=(480-250*0,45)+285 = 652,5
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With the distance in A1:




This will work both for distances under and over 250 miles.

Fantastic, really appreciate your help
oh thanks!