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Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I'm trying to create a map chart for Scottish Local Authorties (Council regions) and I have all of their official names but the Maps chart isn't having it.  Is there a list somewhere for how I should be naming these or am I missing anything else?


I've attached a picture of my data.



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Hi everyone - sorry to crash this thread after so long. It seems like mapping Scottish councils now works - congratulations. 


I wonder if you could help me with an approach to map Holyrood constituencies data?



@andrewomalley Hi Andrew, have you been able to do this? I still have the same issue with West Dunbartonshire not appearing.  Still rather nippy as I need to fill this in myself for each Quarter's report.


I had a recent stab of this in Data Studio too but it still wasn't perfect.  Seemed to think Midlothian was in Texas.


I don't have a suggestion for electoral map within Excel, but maybe you could use something like .






Hi, @Smitty Smith.  Having been reminded of this thread after Andrew's post I've read back through it and saw your post.  Do you know if this should be active now, I'm wondering if there's something else I need to do for West Dunbartonshire but I don't want to go try everything again if it's still not been resolved.


Thanks :)