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I'm having problems getting a particular region to display properly in Map Charts. I'm not sure if it's region-specific or a problem with the programme. I'm pulling together a map of Georgia, the country, and a single region, Adjara, is not rendering properly. It doesn't render at all using many of its normal toponyms, and when spelled using the less-frequently used toponym "Adzharia", it appears as a thin sliver along the border. Any idea what's up? File attached.

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I don't know an answer, but it looks like Maps overlaps Guria and Ajaria (by the way, it recognizes that name, as well as Adzharia). If remove ratios here you may see kind of doubled administrative border between them. If with ratios hover the mouse over Ajaria we see the correct number, but colored only the space between 'borders'.


3D maps shows everything correctly even if, my guess, it has same Bing engine with Maps.


The bug, the question is where...

I have a similar problem.
I'm trying to create a map of Italy to second-order administrative division.
I added columns (first and second administrative division), I've changed names and the results are always different: sometimes displays the world (??), sometimes just a line, sometimes only a country without breakdowns, sometimes a State. Any attempt graph worsens.
there is a way to refine the search?

Hi Andrea,


In general, Map Charts is sensitive to column names (better to name them literally as recommended) and it always worth to have Country column (with only "Italy" in your case), otherwise bing engine could recognize Rome as the city in Georgia, USA, not as your capital.


And yes, it's sensitive to non-English names, the only way is play with different transcriptions. 

Hi Sergei,

thanks for reply.

it is complicated to explain, I do my best.
I have used all combinations of column names but nothing.
In the end I found this solution: only two columns, one with the Italian name of the English division (Contea (IT) = County (EN)) and the second is the data.
In the rows I have to specify the name of the administrative division in Italian ("Provincia di") and then the name.
Done all this, the map works. However, it is no longer possible to save the sheet due to an unknown error.
I attach screenshot (save does not work ...)

Hi Andrea,


I tried to play with your data (very limited), all combinations of names work, see attached. But i'm on English version.


Not sure what is an issue with saving, try to save without the map and add it once more. And how many rows you have in the table? In my memory there is 100 rows limit, but we have to check.



thank you very much for your help.
Unfortunately adding lines the problem increases.
You can give it a try by selecting a growing number of rows.
The results will always be different.
The method I described above is the only way I've found to display all lines in the map (except those not recognized).
Unfortunately does not save the paper, I think because there are places that do not recognize.
I attach the excel file.
Thanks again,

Yes, looks strange.


Sorry, i'm not strong in the georgaphy of Italy, just played on limited list. If change some names, for examle Brescia on Bresciano it shows the province correctly. Moreover, if after that return back Bresciano on Brescia it continues to show it correctly. Same with Verbano and Verbania.


Will think bit more about this tomorrow, it's time to finish for today.



Hi Andrea,


I played bit more with your file, afraid this tool is not for your purposes


1) It's quite sensitive to the names of geographical areas, they shall be spelled in the way bing understands. But that's minor issue - see second sheet in attached file, names are downloaded from wiki and are recognizable bit better


2) Engine doesn't recognize if the place is Metropolian City, not province (e.g. Palermo). In some cases it helps if you rename as Province of Palermo, but that doesn't work, for example for Latina and Messina. I have no idea how to make them recognizable. By the way, bing maps shows two latest somewhere in the sea, perhaps that's the reason why Maps Charts doesn't recognize them within the Italy.


3) And the real showstopper the tool doesn't work with relatively big amount of data as in your case. You may create the chart, and even save the file, but after you try to do any modification with the chart it prevents you to save the file again. The only way is to remove the chart, save file without it, open it again and re-create the chart.


Perhaps Microsoft support knows more about the limitations, i saw nothing.


The workaround could be using 3D maps if you want to stay in Excel environment. Or wait till Maps Chart will be improved.

Find attached a working map of Italian provinces - couple of workarounds are needed (Mantova, Ravenna)



I have the same problem with France.

I t's working with column "county" (EN) or "contea" (IT) for "Département"(FR) (2nd administrative division).

I try with "Comté" (FR) but it doesn't work.


I can put the number of the department (not only the name).


What is the correct transcription of the second administrative division in French ?


Best regards,

I was having similar problems with several maps, and after some trial and error, I solved my problem for Turkey by opening bing maps, and looking for the region names on the map (they are written in CAPS). Having the data on a table helps, and in my case, if the column "Regions" is plural and in english (my office is in portuguese), it work better than if the column is called "Region". Haven't found Azores yet... and it seems that those names in caps don't show for many coutries.

It would be helpfull if we could have a list of valid names for regions.

Hi - I am having the same issue with some very simple data and cannot seem to figure it out. I have attached it. Just trying to get the counties in the state of Massachusetts to display correctly. Any help is appreciated.

Hi, Its been a similar experience for me.. When am trying to map Indian states some of them get displayed others dont.. Funny thing is if you map all of them together, then it gets mapped but if you try individually to map states, then it shows the error.



This displays correctly

Country State(INDIA)Revenue
IndiaTamil Nadu14,61,841
IndiaUttar Pradesh13,76,324


now if you individually give maharashtra and uttar pardesh it works.. but if you give kerala or tamil nadu, it will fail.. the states wont pop up..


Country State(INDIA)revenue


Also its not possible to give districts for each states as it shows error.



is there any work around for this???


Can't reproduce that


In general, Map Charts is quite sensitive to column's names. Try to use Province instead of State; County instead of District; etc. Sometimes that helps.

@Sergei Baklan 



I am facing similar situation for India Map.

It is not recognizing below 2 states. Rest for all states it is loading correctly. Please help


IndiaHimachal Pradesh




For the latest one it works if use Uttarakhand province as the name. For Himachal Pradesh I didn't find the solution. I'd recommend you to Send a Frown from File->Feedback



@Sergei Baklan I have a similar error (sometimes displaying the country regions correctly sometimes the whole world) with Portugal despite the fact that the country is identified correctly.


After testing it I notices that the Faro district is causing the problem. For some reason when I add any municipality of the Faro district excel/bing switches from the Portugal map to the World Map. If I zoom in Portugal I can see that the Faro District is filled in with the right colours (so it is recognizing it as being in Portugal) but Portugal being so tiny relative to the world, zooming in gives an ultra pixelized map with poor definition (unusable).


Seems like a bug. Is there a fix?

I have a similar problem for argentina. As an example i have two counties belonging to the province of buenos aires. The counties are "Partido de la Costa" y "Lezama". Excel do not show both of them and sometime if I introduce more counties misplaces the names of the counties in el map