Making a graph with 1% growth daily

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I have been typing in everything manually and hoping the flash fill will pick up what I am trying to do and fill it in for me but that isn't working so I have come here for help...

I want the graph to be 365 "days" (columns) long, 
Next is the amount, I want the first cell to be blank as to enter any amount. The amount should stay the same for 7 days and after 7 days it will be the "Total" of the previous day. 

Daily Profit is next which is just "amount * 1%"

Finally is "Total" which on the first cell is "Amount + 1%" after that it is just the "previous day's total + daily profit
I would also like to have all numbers round to 2 decimal places

Can anyone help me to go about this? or show me what some of the steps would be to complete this? I am like 30 days in filling in every cell's formula and I know this can be done far simpler but I don't have the know how on how that would get done. 

image0 (2).png
This graph is similar to what I want to make but the percent should be  1% instead of 1.5% and I don't need the "Profit -6%" 

Any help on excel functions would be appreciated... thank you!

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