Mail merging Data from Excel to Word

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I am so close to figuring this out but I don't know what the right "rule" to imply here to get what I want so hopefully someone can help me because I am running out of time. I have an online form that holds registrations that include data that I want to merge into a word document for easier data sorting. BUT, one person can have 1-4 lines of data so I need it to merge into word with the field names that are the first row of info and then merge the next rows of data without the name, phone number and mailing address...I only want the data each person lists and then all the data per person merged together and then move on to the next person and their info? I hope I am making sense? I have uploaded some photos of record sample 1 and sample is the same person but each record comes out separate including the same name, phone, and address but really I want it to come out under the one pet owner name and all pet info below


Mail Merge Sample 1.pngMail Merge Sample 2.png

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