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I want to create and save my EXCEL macros in a single workbook.
When creating the personal macro workbook and when recording a macro in the "personal macros" folder an error message is displayed: "the Personal Macros folder in the startup folder must be open during recording". I can't find the solution to this problem; thank you for your help.

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According to a thread on the Microsoft Community forum , one solution to this problem is to go to the View tab in Excel and click on Unhide. From there, you can unhide Personal.xlsb. Once you have finished recording your macro, you can hide it again.


If you are unable to unhide Personal.xlsb because the option is greyed out, another user on the same thread suggested finding PERSONAL.XLSB in C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART and opening it. After opening it, go to the View tab and click Unhide.

Save and close the Excel file that opened. 

Then try recording your macro again.



I hope this helps!