lotus 123 style cursor with column row lines

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I'm old. It drives me insane this hasn't been added to the view.  I use Excel, all day. I look at large workbooks, all day. How come I can't select a view where the selected cells right and bottom border is highlighted across the entire row/column So i can quickly read column 15 from the cell in column 2. Why do I need to install some 3rd party hack?

If this exists I have no idea what it is called or how to do it. I kludged the screenshot below of what I want. Note how the extended blue line makes it easy to find the far column value as I navigate the sheet.


Vs current 




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This is a frequently asked question, I agree this could be improved. Open the file in which you faked the blue lines, click the Help tab and click the Feedback button and suggest this to Microsoft. Make sure you check the screenshot box.