looking to make a specific formula

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I'm looking to create a specific formula in excel.


$50 less 50% less 8% multiply by 50% and round up or down to the nearest $0.09

thank you in advance for your help


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I suspect it may not do what you want. If so, please explain more clearly what you expect the result to be.

Hi Hans
You are correct it did not work, Thank you for your effort on this.
The goal is to calculate item cost and selling price from a list price ( then round up or down to the nearest 0.99

Here is the equation I use on the calculator.

50x0.5=25x0.92=23x1.5=34.50 (then round up to 34.99)
50x0.5=25x0.92=23x1.49=34.27 (then round down to 33.99)
hopefully this makes it clearer and thanks again


That is quite different from what you asked in your first post in this discussion...



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@Hans Vogelaar 


works perfect.

thank you so much for your help Hans