Looking for someone to create an excel template for me

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I am extremely new to excel and hopeful to find someone to create me an excel document.


I found the excel template 'Loan Amortization schedule', which is the closest thing to what I am looking for. However, it appears that it can't be changed from Monthly payment to Weekly payments (even when typing in 52 payments a year).


The situation is, I will be making weekly payments (amounts will differ), and they may also be a monthly payment I get, which I would also like to put on the loan. Along with an offset account (which will also offset the interest).


Any assistance would be appreciated.


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I posted a YouTube video on loan amortization schedule which, I believe answers your question

You can watch in the link below

Do let me hear from you


@TripsterYH As with most templates found on-line, they are not very useful if your own needs do not exactly meet those of the creator. They are often full with tricks, named ranges and named formulae and hidden "treasures". This particular one is indeed quite silly as it allows you to enter 52 payments per year, but it calculates payment dates on a monthly basis. I changed the formula in C to add 7 days to each previous payment date. Also added 360 rows to the table allowing for 15 years with 52 payments each. Now, i didn't touch any of the other formulae and it seems to work just fine.

See if the attached file works for you.

Please send me the details; I can prepare a template for you


Sanjeev Soni