Long response delay with an Excel template

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Hello friends,


I have a very long response delay on Excel templates (2 to 3 minutes to load).

This is the Excel version included in 365.


The templates in question have about 50 lines and 12 columns.

It is made for invoicing, so the formulas only include date,, items, rates, items x rates, total, tax, total tax included.

Nothing should hold back Excel.


F.Y.I. :

- once the template is loaded, it works swiftly

- repair online (or tentatives with the /safe mode) did not change anything

- the computer used for this file is not lightning fast, but has a configuraton that should not hold back performance (i7, 16Gb, SSD)


Any idea, anyone?


Thank you.

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@MichelMasse Would need to see the template.

Can you provide a link giving access to the file on OneDrive or similar?

@MichelMasse That link doesn't work. The screen flashes. I see a message "This folder is empty". Then for a fraction of a second a file an it disappears. This repeats until I exit the the browser tab.

trying from onedrive online :
hope this one works...

@MichelMasse No, It doesn't. Try sending it to me via a private message.

Point at the photo beside my user name and click Message. From there you can attach a file.


How large is the file? Any named ranges in it? Conditional formatting?

Won't work, the extension is not allowed, and renaming the extension does not work.
Thank you for trying...


How large is the file?

58kb (very small)

Any named ranges in it?


Conditional formatting?