Listing rows based on unique column data.

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For simplicity sake,


I have a 4 column sheet.

Brand, Product, Salesman, Sales period.


I want to list all row data for:

Unique brands sold AND unique brand & product sold AND (if multiple brand & product sold) for the first period its sold in.


So, from this:                                         to this:

BrandProductSalesmanperiod BrandProductSalesmanperiod
AlpharopeJoe23 AlpharopeJoe23
AlphastringJoe12 AlphastringJoe12
AlphacordNikki24 AlphacordNikki24
BravoshieldJoe11 BravoshieldJoe11
BravoknifeBrandon24 BravoknifeBrandon24
CharlievestBrandon33 CharlievestBrandon33
DeltavestSheila2 DeltavestSheila2
EchoeardrumRodney2 EchoeardrumRodney2
EchoeardrumJoe2 EchoeardrumJoe2
FoxtrottailBob4 FoxtrottailBob4
GolfballJack5 Golf ballJack5
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Golf ball Bob 6          

Golf ball Jack 5




first sold Golf ball Jack? not Bob 6?