List of Excel functions only in office 365

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What is the list of all Excel functions ONLY available in office 365 (and so NOT in office 2019) ?


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The linked article posted by @Hans Vogelaar has some great information, but since it doesn't mention the new 365-only FILTER function (which radically simplifies the complex INDEX + SMALL + ROW array formula to pull nth occurrences), I googled to see whether there were others and found this list of another five described as being "for 2021" (SORT/SORTBY; UNIQUE; XLOOKUP; FILTER; SEQUENCE):


The list in the link in my previous reply has been updated since the release of Office 2021.

Functions such as FILTER are not Microsoft 365-only anymore - they are now available in Office 2021 as well. The link now lists the functions that are available in Microsoft 365 but not in Office 2021.

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ZFILL function is not available in excel office 365

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