List a task in Microsoft To Do using Excel

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Hello everyone, 


I have a pre owned dealership and I am using Excel spreadsheets to manage my reconditioning process (mechanical inspections, detailing, mechanical repairs, etc.) With my team we use Microsoft To-Do to schedule the tasks and sub tasks. I like this option as everyone has their days listed on their device. 

Is there a way to program a button in excel that would automatically list a task on microsoft to-do? 

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Hi Jimmy,


To my knowledge, there is no way to list a task in Microsoft To-Do using Excel.

Microsoft To-Do team should update the app to make it integrate with Excel by introducing a feature in it to allow the users to import Excel data and convert them into To-Do tasks.


However, there are some ideas asking for such a feature in the Microsoft To-Do UserVoice website.

This is one of them:

Ability to import simple lists from either Excel or Outlook




Is there any alternative that I could use to schedule tasks for my team ? 

I think this app has a feature to import/export CSV files.

You can convert your Excel file to CSV file then import it to this app.

I’ve solved it! I’ve long had a frustration with the fact that MS To-do does not have the ability to import mass tasks from excel like Wunderlist did, and every attempt to search up a solution just led me to posts with the same complaint, and no solution. However, there is a way to do it – through Outlook instead. To do this, you must be signed in to Outlook on a desktop – as far as I know this will not work on the web version. On the bottom left there is a tab to navigate to the “Tasks” page – click on this. If you are signed in to the correct MS account, your To-do list should be synced to this page. Find the list you want to upload to, and make sure there is at least one filler task in their for the time being so that you have a template to work from. Then, go to file > Open and export > Import/Export > Export to a file > Comma Separated Values > select your desired folder/list > save the file. Then you can go in and open that file, and add your tasks according to the template that was downloaded. Remember to save this as a CSV! After you have edited and saved your CSV, go to file > Open and export > Import/Export > Import from another program or file > Comma Separated Values > Select your file > select your desired folder/list > **Check that the box is clicked** > import your tasks! **if the box is not clicked, click it, and it will (Likely) bring you to a page to “map custom fields”. Don’t just skip past this, if it is showing up it probably means that something about your template got a little messed up and its not quite sure what to import, and to where. Verify that every category on the right-hand “to” column has the correct column header connected to it, and if not, fix it by dragging and dropping from the left hand column. NOTE: I am not a MS expert! I just found a solution that works, and this is the sequence of events that got me there. Hopefully it works for you!


Follow the steps below -

1. Go to the web version of the Microsoft To do -

2. Sign in with your account - credentials

3. Create a new list (or the old one where you want to add the tasks)

4. Go To The Excel and Select the rows you want to add to the To-Do List

5. Copy the rows

6. Paste it in "Add a Task" Text box in the browser...

and Bammm you have all the list in To Do from your excel :)

Can you make a shortcut key to open and close calculator.

@sandeeprokde GENIUS!!!  Works like a charm.

Oh $#17 wow i really should have just tried copy past from the start - another lost hour of my life...
Thanks sandeeprokde! Such a simple and effective solution :)


Yes it does work but not entirely. It does import the list of tasks but not the reminders on the date and time of the task which is the information I have in the excel list. I want my team to automatically have set reminders for when they need to have a task done. So this option does work as a plain to do list, but not for mass reminders import. So I need to keep on looking :pensive_face:

Hey, thanks for the input. Any chance you could tell me if this method can import and set reminders on the tasks with date and time of when they need to be done or it just gives a plain to do list?

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You're a god. @sandeeprokde 

Worked as described..web version....copy and paste list from Excel...creates list in "to do"...

@sandeeprokde It won't smart detect dates when paste. Any solution for that?

Also works in the Windows Desktop version 2.114.7122.0