Linking sheet to another live workbook with drop down list

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I have been tasked to make a sample sheet which will have a drop down list (a reference no.) for each row/column (fixed no. of columns but unlimited rows) and will be linked to another workbook, which is a master sheet, from which the data will effectively be fetched.


In essence, one reference no. will be selected from column 1 and it would either automatically fill the data in other columns or will limit the options to select data to that reference no. only. 


In addition this master sheet will be updated live and the sample sheet is supposed to be updated automatically without the need to do link again.


Would really appreciate if someone can help, as I am not able to get much help form google/youtube searches.


Thank you

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Your description is a good start, but sadly only goes part of the way toward enabling us to envision what you're tasked with. It would be far more helpful if you could post copies (or mockups) of said "Master" sheet and "Sample" sheet, so we could more fully grasp the situation. Post those copies/mockups on OneDrive or GoogleDrive and paste links here on this forum.