linking dropdowns from different tables.

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Morning, it appears I may have posted this in the wrong section this morning so I am reposting here...hopefully the correct place. 

I am hoping someone can tell me if this is possible.  

I have a dynamic dropdown list which limits the options of dropdown 2 depending on what is chosen on dropdown 1 (e.g. I have a list of people and cities, so dd1 will be the list of cities, so if I pick the UK only the people in the UK will be available to be chosen from dd2)


In another table I have the details of that person created from a unique list so a table is populated with all their info. (E.g. I chose Charles and all his info is auto generated into a new table, numbers, dates, products, etc) 


my question is, is there a way to connect the two pieces together. 

I want to be able to pick the name first, which will still auto-populate the table with all his associated data and under that have a dropdown where I can show the city/names associated.


so for example: 

Charles -populates his table 

under that is a dropdown that automatically shows the cities associated with that name


I feel like I am maybe making this more complicated than it needs to be. but any help getting me out of the tunnel vision I seem to have would be great. 

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If you already have a pair of drop-downs, primary and secondary, with the latter dependent on the former, it's not clear what you're looking for, why you seem to be asking for a reversal of that dependency. Is "Charles" in your example, associated with more than one city? Does every city have multiple names associated? Does every name have multiple cities?

Is it possible for you to post either the actual OR, if the actual contains real data on real people, a mockup? Post it here or on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, with a link posted here.
Yes and no. Dropdowns will refresh dynamically but MUST BE spreadsheet ranges !! In your example, you MUST create a range "Dropdown2" somewhere which auto-populates with the cities Charles has been too and then your second data validation (=Dropdown2) will list only those.
Thanks for the help, instead of a dropdown box I used a filter formula instead of a dropbox. The issue was there were multiple "chris's" in one city and I wanted to further limit this down so when "chris" was selected along with the info regarding it I wanted to also to be able to select which one. Thank you for the info! This was just training/ a personal project so it was more I wanted to see if it could be done.