Linked data types broken again

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Every once in a while I get the same error message "You need to be online to refresh your linked data types.  Check your connection and try again."  See image:




This happens when I click on "Refresh All" for Data when trying to get a stock update.  As shown in the next image, the last time it was successful for me was after market close 5/23/2024 19:59 EDT, though it might have worked the next day or a little longer if I wasn't trying to do a more recent update before it stopped working.





Presumably it broke for everyone at the same time since this error has been reported in previous threads, including one last July with 10 pages of replies, and the consensus is that it was a server error.

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Interesting: As of now it is working again. That Excel file has been closed and reopened to access other tabs many times on an almost daily basis. So, it is probably a pure concidence that closing and reopening it today had anything to do with it now working. I'll keep a bookmark on this discussion for future updates.

Thanks to everyone that read this post and gave it any thought.