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Line spacing in Text Wrap

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For layout and aesthetics I would like to have the lines of 'wrapped text' (*within* the same cell) to be closer together.  Ie like single line spacing is closer together than double line spacing.  I have googled and googled and can't find the solution. Is there one?  Please.

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No such direct setting, please check Change line spacing - Microsoft Support if something from that could help.


I don't see that.  Are you using a strange font such as 'Angsana New' which does have strange vertical spacing?

@Peter Bartholomew hi. No just plain ariel font. 

I had never noticed the possibility of vertical justification. I normally just settle for top-left.
Thank you, Sergei. It is a pity. In the instance that I am referring to, I am trying to save as much space as possible to fit everything in, so that it looks reasonable and fits on the printed page. In particular, I am sure you have experienced the scenario when you would really like your document to not spill over to another page for distribution purposes. And Excel can really make you sweat over tweaking every row height & font size in order to do this.