Limiting number of decimals in a VARIABLE SENTENCE

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I am trying to make a variable sentence that will show the calculations used to arrive at a number i.e. a unit cost*number of units, next to the result.


I am currently using: =" " & I52 & " X " & H17 & " "


Which should give me: ''unit value" X "number of units"   (i.e. "7,65 X 90" )


The problem: When calculating i.e. unit value in a different cell, the output comes out with many decimals, i.e. 7,65438828346, instead of 7,65. 


The question: How do I limit the number of decimals in my variable sentence?

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For example:


=" " & TEXT(I52;"0,00") & " X " & TEXT(H17;"0,00") & " "


(I assumed that you are using comma as decimal separator)