Limiting number of decimal places in a returned formula

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I have an Ex 2010 formula that returns 4 decimal places (.7501). I need to use only the first 2 decimal places (.75) for another calculation.

I have tried roundup, and although the cell only displays 2 decimal places (.75), Excel stills retains the remaining decimal places to the right (.__01, which corrupts my next calculation.

Is there a way to limit the accuracy of a returned number for a single cell or a range of cells without changing the accuracy of the entire worksheet.



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could you show us your formula?


Hi Jim,
You can use the TRUNC( )function with the required format in the required cell or cells.
if you are using  =SUM(A1:A2) to get the sum of the Cell A1:A2

You can add the TRUNC( ) function with the following format to limit it to 2 numbers after the decimal without roundup the number.

IMHO, TRUNC does exactly the same as ROUNDDOWN if use with same number of digits

You are absolutely right.

@Jihad Al-Jarady I have a similar problem where I have a square root formula that has text and the answer in the cell.  I would like to limit the decimal places in the final answer to 3 places.


This is my formula:

="DELTA H: "&SQRT(((C764-C29)^2)+((D764-D29)^2))


For example, the answer comes out as:

DELTA H: 0.0564003545403856


And I would much rather have the answer display as:

DELTA H: 0.056



If to display you may use

="DELTA H: " & TEXT( SQRT(((C764-C29)^2)+((D764-D29)^2)), "#.###")

@Sergei Baklan Awesome! It worked!  One more question... when I inserted that formula into the cell it is not showing the leading 0 in the final result.  For example the cell shows:

DELTA H: .056


Is it possible to show as:

DELTA H: 0.056



That could be 0.### as string for the format. You may google for custom number formats for more details.

@Sergei Baklan@Victor207 , I came here looking for an answer to a similar issue using ="text"& [formula]. This solution worked, unless the result was an even number. In that case the cell came back with an extra "." at the end. So I found that instead of forcing the formula into a TEXT string with "#.###" to control the decimal places, a better solution could be to force the formula to a FIXED value with 3 decimals.  

="DELTA H: " & FIXED( SQRT(((C764-C29)^2)+((D764-D29)^2)),3)


Or make it an integer with no decimals:

="DELTA H: " & FIXED( SQRT(((C764-C29)^2)+((D764-D29)^2)),-1)