LEDES xsd 2.x gives error after mapping, new data and export to xml

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Ledes.org xsd, look for the zip file containing xsd of version 2.0 at


On Excel I Selected the xsd file, after enabling Developer tab. tree of the xsd appears, drag to sheet. A lot of columns.


Copy Paste some information from a similar file in version 2.1 viewing the XML and try to export blank or with 1 row of information.


Same error 


  • Map not exportable because it contains the following:
    • Lists of lists
    • A mapped element's relationship with other elements cannot be preserved

Is because some required information? Red asterisk on node. Or repeated information need it? I validated as well formed XSD. Can we have specific point of error? Large XSD file or a lot of columns.


Examples of xml file are missing in ledes.org 2.0 and almost is secret of state. Documentation is in there but at minimum. YouTube manual creation format is old, only previous versions.


I find only one sample file of version 2.1, but is a different schema that the one I need. More complex. 








My idea is missing info after reading it (red asterisk). Or exactly required info per cell. I’m going to interpolate some info from the 2.1 only sample file.




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