LAMBDA function not supported anymore?

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I am signed up for the Office Insider Current Channel (Preview) and currently have version 2111 build 16.0.14701.20240 installed.


As soon as the LAMBDA function was released for Office Insiders, I created several Workbooks using LAMBDA functions in them. They all worked like a charm. However, after a few days of not using those Workbooks, I opened one of them and found a #NAME? error (unsupported function) in every single cell where the LAMBDA function was being used.

When I opened Name Manager, I found something like this (it's from one of the function's online examples):

=_xlfn.LAMBDA(_xlpm.a,_xlpm.b,SQRT((_xlpm.a^2 + _xlpm.b^2))).


The other Workbooks are showing the same issue. I closed the Workbooks without saving.


Was the LAMBDA function deprecated? I checked my account and I am still on the Current Channel (Preview) with no pending updates.

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@Carlos SpörkWise words, which I will try to follow in future. As it happens I checked this morning (2 days later?) and my lambda functionality is back. I think we have a variation on a theme here; I tried replacing my account i.e. simply signing altering the email associated with my Office 365 account. I think what happened was that in the course of this it lost my insider members - so I had to re-subscribe and wait a couple of days for it to "catch up".

@Jan Karel Pieterse
I tried that and it claimed it was up to date. But, after a couple of days' wait my lambda functions are back working. I think MS just needed some time to catch up with the replacement email on my Office 365 subscription!