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I have thinking of using Kutools for a couple of years now and would welcome feedback on it. Does anyone here have experience with it? Is it secure?

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Kutools is a utility with a good reputation from a company with a good reputation. so I wouldn't hesitate buying it.


It is not free though. As an alternative, you might consider ASAP Utilities. It is free for home use.

Thank you very much. I went ahead and downloaded Kutools and am excited to try it.
How did it go with Kutools?


I download and tried Kutools for Excel and I Do Not recommend it. I've been using excel for over 20 years (I work in accounting and finance) and the following are the reasons why I don't recommend Kutools: 

  1. the software continuously conflicts with links and other formula entries but never specifies where the errors or conflicts are.
  2. it is very confusing to use, even with the manual that you can download.
  3. it is very extensive and not helpful for beginners or experienced users (imo) , it's even confusing for me.
  4. Learning Excel vs Kutools:
    1. why study a Kutools manual when you can just learn Excel (and even earn certificates in the process if you wish too?)
    2. There are GREAT online Excel learning recourses online both free and paid, and like I mentioned you can even get certified (great for careers)
    3. if you need help in excel, the program itself offers an in-program help tool that is very helpful. 

In summary, I feel that paying for Kutools for Excel is a giant waist of money, if you are going to pay for something, spend the money on an Excel training course, you spend just as much of your time in learning and get way more benefit!  

All Com Add-in are good ideas for enhance Excel.
I prefer standalone exe or online web service solution to add-in because whatever you use it or not it will load and occupy some memory.
Another reason is to need install which will modify registry not be allowed in some companies.

@mscirri I was only able to use it for a short time but it served my purpose!

I was only able to use it for a short time but it served my purposes then. What I wanted it for was to split out sheets into separate workbooks with the sheet name as the workbook name.

@gkbluestockingKutools (obtain downlaod from extendoffice.com) for excel is the best investment I have ever made in an application or plugin. It has a few implementation quirks - do your research on how to install and implement add-in. The other MS products I have tried but found to be useless are: Word, Powerpoint, Project. Kutools for excel saves me ~1 hour a day on analysis, and on heavy tasks days, up to 8 hours of processing time.

@gkbluestocking I have been using Kutools for Outlook for several months.  It seems to work ok up to a point.  Numerous msgs with their tech support indicate they're aware of the problems but no commitment as to when they will be fixed.  One nice feature is the ability to block multiple domains at once.  However, when I do so the count of blocked domains doesn't change.  I can't tell if no new ones are added to the blocked list or if the counter doesn't update.  New blocked domains appear to be added randomly so there's no organized list to confirm new ones have been added to those previously blocked.