Iterative calculations return error messages

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Hello everyone,


I have a file (4.7 MB) where I try to combine multiple geological thermometers and barometers. I have a sheet for each mineral that converts the compositional data into the proper units, a sheet with thermometers, another with barometers, and then a final "results" sheet where you can select which thermometer and barometer you want from drop-down menus. Since thermometry calculations require a pressure input and barometry calculations require a temperature input, I have all these calculations referring to the "results" page. This means for every sample, 9 thermometry calculations are referring to a specified pressure result, 7 barometry calculations are referring to a specified temperature result, and the specified pressure and temperature results are referring back to their respective calculations.


It's not working. Sometimes in the "results" I'll get a temperature but no pressure, pressure but no temperature, or both will come back as #VALUE, #NUM, or #DIV/0. Sometimes the first 30 or so calculations will produce results, but it will be patchy for the rest. It changes all the time. Iterative calculations are enabled, I've refreshed the calculations every way I know how (calculate now, F9, reopening the file). Is there any way to get the file to accept so many circular references across 3 sheets? Would breaking up the calculations into multiple files make it work?

Your help would be most appreciated!




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I fixed it by adding a reset function, where pressure is set at 45 kbar so that all the thermometers have a non-circular input, and likewise for temperature.