Issues with Checkbox

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I am inserting a checkbox using developer into Excel and the checkbox comes with text.  I have deleted the text in all the recommended manners but it will not go away.  Is there a problem with my Excel?


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Is it a Form Control check box or an ActiveX check box?

@Hans Vogelaar 

It is a form box


Have you tried this?

  • Right-click the check box
  • Select Edit Text from the context menu
  • The insertion point will be at the start of the text.
  • Press and hold Delete until the text is gone.
  • Click outside the check box.
Thanks. That didnt work. NOt sure if I have a bad install or what.


Try the following:

  • Right-click on the check box to select it.
  • Press Esc to dismiss the context menu.
  • Press Alt+F11 to activate the Visual Basic Editor.
  • Press Ctrl+G to activate the Immediate window.
  • Type Selection.Caption = "" and then press Enter.
  • Press Alt+F11 to switch back to Excel.
Well that is a little bit more complex. :) I will try that. Thanks