Issue with data point showing up in pivot table line graph and I do not want it there!

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Hi all,

I have a bunch of combo line / bar graphs and each is created from a pivot table (I don't know if the pivot table is relevant). And, I have created several graph templates so that it is easy to apply any formatting changes that I may want.


Unfortunately, I am a data point showing up with a marker and I have markers turned off for all data series in all graphs. 


Last week, I redid all the graphs because I could not get it to go away and I resaved all my templates after I did this. Now, when I opened the file today, there is a marker in one line graph in each graph. 

I reapplied my template on one of them, and the marker went away. But, why does this keep happening???  See screen capture below:




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@KimberB Please attach (or share) a file with some dummy data and a graph. Difficult to diagnose such issues on the basis of a screenshot.

If it happens again, I will. So far, I haven't figured out what causes it, so I can't make it happen.