Is it possible to copy sheetA from workbook2 (WB2) to workbook1 (WB1) ?

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I am trying to add a sheet with formulas referencing cells in other sheets within the same workbook. I have however emailed out this workbook for someone to enter data, so I am creating the new worksheet in a duplicate copy of the original workbook. Would it be possible to copy this new sheet to the original workbook if all other sheets remain untouched? 


So to complete the subject line above, I am trying to :

     Copy  sheetA from workbook2 (WB2) to workbook1 (WB1) where WB2 is a duplicate copy of WB1 except that sheetA was added to WB2, and has formulas referring to other sheets within the workbook.

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You can copy it to the WB1, but the formulas in the sheetA will still refer to the WB2.

Please check out this link to learn how to copy a worksheet from a workbook to another one.


After you copy the worksheet sheetA from WB2 to WB1, the formula will show up as the following example:



The solution is to replace the workbook name with nothing using Find and Replace tool as follows:

Replace Tool.png


After you type the full workbook name wrapped in square brackets, press Replace All.