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Hi there,
I'm using Mac Excel 2019 and I guess things would be easier if I got Office 365 --with it's Stocks/Geography button with its detailed info that can be pulled into Excel live -- because using an IQY request template that I have only brings only 100 rows of past data open, high, low, close, volume data into Excel.

I have looked and looked but can't find anywhere that describes how to make a more complex IQY request? Is it possible? Or can this only be done through advance VBA programming, skill which I don't have.

So my question is can I amend the IQY file so as to bring in eg. 3 years of past Dow Jones data along with the daily % return and a 50 day moving average  or any other indicators available in the 365 package?

My current IQY file is:









When I tried changing values like selection from 1 to 10 (experiment to see if it'd bring in different/more data) I got a web query alert saying it returned no data (not surprisingly) but, when I tried to "click the arrow on the name box in the formula bar and click on the name of the external data range for web query" no external data range dialog box appeared? 


Also when I go to an older downloaded Yahoo Finance Excel files like the FTSE and click Data/Get External Data/Run Web Query it doesn’t seem to matter where I try and put the cursor, the new data always pushes the original data over to the right and mine forms new columns starting from Column A, so I’m not sure where to put the cursor before downloading new data? Pls see FTSE shifts image.

Also with another Excel file I have the new Yahoo data from a web query now loads with the most recent data at the top? When I updated data in an older sheet from the same source (Yahoo), the sort order is now wrong. My older Yahoo always downloaded a Yahoo Excel file with the most recent data at the bottom, but now it’s coming in with the most recent data at the top? Pls see Excel sort wrong image -- the new data (bottom half of image) meets the old data in the middle. The top half was download in Ap 2020. All I’ve done is upgrade from an old Excel to 2019  a week ago? How do I get it to now download the latest prices with the most recent data at the bottom and more specifically from the 4th April 2020 and not the 21st Jan 2020 til present day (i.e. 100 lines of data from Yahoo)?

Thanks for any help,

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