Inserting Rows Outside of Sum Range Changes the Rows Summed

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Hi All,


I am having an issue where I need to add rows to an existing sheet above a few rows with sum calculations. The added rows are not within the sum range. When I do this, some of the sum formulas don't adjust the sum range for the added rows. The error only presents itself in some of the columns (i.e. the sum formula in column C updates but the sum formula in columns D through R with the exact same row range and sum function as column C don't update). I rebuilt the entire file trying to get rid of this issue, but it has persisted in the new XLS. What am I doing wrong? Is this a settings thing? Please help!!

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Hi, what you are describing here is relatively implausible.

Are you actually adding a whole row or are you inserting cells?

How do the formulas in column C differ from those in D-R?

Can you post the formulas here?