Inserting a checkbox into Excel Online

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Hello, is there any way to insert a checkmark box in the Online version of Excel, which doesn't have access to the Developer tab? Thank you!

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No, it's not supported

Thanks Sergei!
This is a bummer. With the move to office 365, teams and other web based applications, you would think this would have a solution; especially considering that Google Sheets supports this. We're migrating all of our business documents and forms off of Google into Microsoft and are finding these shortcomings all over the place.

@edurshpek Is there a way to suggest this update be made? I am also moving from google sheets to Microsoft and finding that these items may seem small, but have a large impact on an organization as a whole.


Practically the only way is to submit your idea here Excel · Community ( (or vote for similar one if already exists).

Here's the way to upvote that, so it becomes something they enable in the web version.