Inserting a checkbox into Excel Online

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Hello, is there any way to insert a checkmark box in the Online version of Excel, which doesn't have access to the Developer tab? Thank you!

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No, it's not supported

Thanks Sergei!
This is a bummer. With the move to office 365, teams and other web based applications, you would think this would have a solution; especially considering that Google Sheets supports this. We're migrating all of our business documents and forms off of Google into Microsoft and are finding these shortcomings all over the place.

@edurshpek Is there a way to suggest this update be made? I am also moving from google sheets to Microsoft and finding that these items may seem small, but have a large impact on an organization as a whole.


Practically the only way is to submit your idea here Excel · Community ( (or vote for similar one if already exists).

Here's the way to upvote that, so it becomes something they enable in the web version.
Our organization is also moving from Google Workplace to Microsoft. Just so sad, there is no checkbox in online excel. Google spreadsheet has it. Its an amazing tool to add in Online Excel.

This would be very useful in 365. We have some projects sat in excel as a record of what to do and next steps. So many people have the file open that you can't pull the copy locally to add more information with check boxes. 

As a workaround, it's possible to use checkbox characters - just copy paste:
☐ ☒


If it is the functionality you need, rather than the appearance, I believe Slicers can be used to restrict the categories presented within a Pivot Table.  The list could then be used within FILTER to down-select tabular data..

Hi, @EveSC1300 , I was facing the same problem as you after I researched and found a solution for this problem, I hope it will help you, the check box is not checked box by ticking, but you can create it this way as a drop list: 

Step 1: Click on the Spreadsheet field you want to add the check box.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 231057.png

Step 2: From the ribbon menu click on Data --> Data validation.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 231352.png


Step 3: Click on Setting --> Allow --> List --> Source copy this "☐, ☑" and paste it inside the field --> click Ok.


Screenshot 2024-01-22 232023.png


Step 4: Align the text into the center, now you can see, that it is worked.


Screenshot 2024-01-22 232444.png


Good luck! :xd: 




I believe the new check boxes, that are more like conditional formats rather than form controls, do work online.  On the desktop they are set using 

> Insert / Cell Controls / Checkbox

The checkbox appears as formatting within a cell that actually contains TRUE/FALSE.  Applying further condition formatting can achieve other effects such as the red/green cells shown in the picture.  Clicking on the cell still toggles the setting.


@Sergei Baklan 

There must be some logic to that!  On the desktop I have the option of using form controls or even VBA events and shapes. It is online that there is a dearth of controls so I had hoped that might be the primary platform targeted .

@Peter Bartholomew 

Who knows what is in background, devil is in the details.

Thank you for your workaround!

@Sergei Baklan et al.


I just found out that the Boolean checkbox feature is at the Beta stage, and it hasn't been rolled out as yet!

Like many, I used the checkbox in Google Sheet as common a row or column.

I was so shocked on learning that this feature is beta in Excel!


In VB/VBA this option is native, but you'll have to load a form first!


Let's Microsoft rollout an update soon!


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No, it's not supported

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