Increasing font in Excel when printing

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I just would like to know how to increase the font when I am printing.  I have my document in landscape mode and I have nine columns of information to fit on my report.  I am sure this is an easy fix, but I have tried everything.  My settings now for the 'scale to fit' section are width: 1 page and height: automatic.  I do not care how many pages it is, just would like it to be a little bit bigger to be able to read. Thank you in advance!!


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if you are scaling to be 1 page wide (fit all columns to 1 page) then you have to 'play' with minimizing the margins (I'm guessing you already did) and changing the column widths. For example if you have a column named "ID" and it has only a couple characters in it then make that column as narrow as possible. Also let's same you have a column titled "Data Entry Date" but all the dates are short format, then maybe make the title shorter and narrow the column or maybe use word wrap for the title. Similar could be a column with Names (first and last) and you could 1/2 the width and have all the names word wrap onto 2 lines.
just a few ideas to get you started. good luck.