Inconsistent format in LINE chart tooltip

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Hi team,


We have created a LINE chart from the below data

PeriodsProducts$ value
week1COMPANY 1-$193M
week2COMPANY 2$31M
week3COMPANY 1 $19K
week4COMPANY 2-$312M
week1COMPANY 1-$163M
week2COMPANY 2$265M
week3COMPANY 1$165M
week4COMPANY 2-$272M


We have applied format in the $ value column
for positive number cells as -> [>999999]\$#,##0,,"M";[>999] \$#,##0,"K";\$#,##0
and for negative numbers as -> ##\$#,##0,,"M" based on the cell value.

data without formatting will look like 

PeriodsProducts$ value
week1COMPANY 1-193305001.4
week2COMPANY 230945602.86
week3COMPANY 119104.845
week4COMPANY 2-312312350.9
week1COMPANY 1-162850584.3
week2COMPANY 2265085524.4
week3COMPANY 1165275457.6
week4COMPANY 2-271548364

When we render the chart out of this data, we are seeing inconsistent formatting in the tooltip as below 




Could you please help us understand the inconsistent tooltip behavior in Excel ?


Note : I am unable to attach the excel here. Please let me know if any other info is needed.



Thilak Babu

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I can reproduce it. It looks like a bug. You can report it from within Excel by selecting File > Feedback and clicking Send a Frown.

By the way, Data Labels display correctly formatted values:


Thanks @hans for confirming that it's a bug.
I provided the feedback with in the excel and attached this forum link.