Inconsistent excel look and feel - new banner layout and style

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Overnight my installation of excel - Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 seems to have picked up a different and inconsistent look and feel with all my other office apps and other computers which all remain on the other look and feel which I prefer. The new look and feel means the share button is nearly invisible. How do I set it back to the previous version? See screenshot showing onenote, word and powerpoint on one look and feel and excel on a different one with the share button mostly invisible.

I've been through all the themes and tried repair but this made no difference. 

*don't change a user's visual setup without a warning*


Screenshot 2021-11-30 13.11.27.png

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There have been some changes in other Office applications too: the display of Quick Styles in Word, and the ribbon in Outlook (at least in my version).

The changes in Excel are intended to bring its interface in line with that of Windows 11. I suspect that the other Office applications will follow suit sooner or later.

If you want to go back to the old interface, you need a registry hack. See Excel Toolbar Corrupted 

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Thanks. This is a terrible move - an inconsistent badly communicated roll out and the contrast between the share button and the background it sits on doesn't even meet accessibility standards.