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Hello Everyone,


I have created a spreadsheet to record my weight fluctations by each month. I keep this as a record for my ENT care support team after undergoing 30 successful radiotherapy sessions for throat cncer. I have also created this as an ongoing project to maintain my sanity and encourage my brain cells.


As you will see from the attached sheet, I have my data in a tab and a seperate tab for each two month period. I have just inserted a text box to show a summary of Min/Max/Average weights for each month. Instead of manually inputting these figures, is it possible to include the data in the chart direct from the cell?


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Create a single cell with Wrap Text turned on, and a formula that returns the desired info in that cell.

You can concatenate with CHAR(10) to insert a line break in the formula result.

Next, click on the text box to select it.

Then click in the formula bar and point to the cell mentioned above, and finally press Enter.

Thanks Hans,

I managed that so far but could not really find what to do with "Then click in the formula bar and point to the cell mentioned above, and finally press Enter.".
After I select the text box in the chart, there is no option to select a cell in the Formula Bar (Drop Down Menu), can you explain please? My data is in a separate tab from the chart tab, does this make a difference?
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After clicking in the formula bar:

  • Type =
  • Activate the sheet with the cell you want to refer to.
  • Select the cell. You should see a formula such as =Sheet1!$G$10.

I have attached a small demo workbook.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Many Thanks for your assistance with this. After a bit of moving things around, I was able to follow your instructions. See the attached file.


Well done, congratulations!