in the same row to change a cell colour based on another cell value

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Dear all,


I need help. How can I chance in the same row the colour of a cell in base of another cell value (in the same row.

Example. I want to change the colour of Cell G16 ="SG1" in green in base of the value of another cell in the same row : (example AB16="ESG1".

If I start a task with the code "SG1" and when I finished the task I want to put in the same row different cell the code "ESG1" which show me that I finished the task coded "SG1". When I write "ESG1" I want automatically the colour of the cell.value ="SG1" to change the colour in green. This show me that the task was done. 

I have the same for row 21, 26, 31, 36....every fifth row until the end of the table (lets say row 60). 

The thing is that I want to change the colour only in the same row and not in the all table in the same time.  If I ended the task on row 16 when I write the value/code "ESG1" is changing the colour of the cell only in row 16 and not in the other rows in the table where I didn't finish the task yet. 


So, I want to change the colour on cell containing "SG1" in individuals rows , but I need to be applicable for all my data in the table (Range(G16:AK60)

I need a code for each row involving the cell.value="SG1" and cel.value="ESG1", but applicable for all table automaticlly when I wrote "ESG1" in the row corresponding to cell.value="SG1", to change the cell colour in green. 

ALSO, when I delete "ESG1" the colour of cell.value="SG1" to come back to what colour it was.

I think I need "IF" and "then". Also, "If NOT" "Then" functions and to be in cicle (VLOOKUP maybe).

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Here is an approach to your plans. Make your template and if, or rather where you can't get any further, just ask here in the forum. I can't produce a custom-made template, I can only help a little so that you can get on with your project.


Hope I was able to help you with this file.



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