importing data and power query

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Just to start, I am not very good with Excel.  However I regularly import order information from DATAFILS .RPT, the excel import wizard transfers the data to .TXT file, then I can save it as an Excel workbook.  My question is, after I have cleaned up the data and arranged it the way I want, could I use power query to update the work book from the raw .TXT file instead of having to just do it all over again?

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@JcLudden That's exactly what PQ is for. Connect to the .rpt file (which is just a text file), do all your transformations / clean-ups in the PQ interface. Close and load. Save the file. Next time, when you get a new .rpt file (same name, I suppose and in the same location), open the workbook that contains the query. Refresh All. That's it.