Import into cell - switch to landscape

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Hi All.


When in import pictures into cell, not over, into, then it switches the picture to landscape.


What i found is if i then change it to over and back to into, it switches it to portrait, but not at first.


Anyone know how to stop excel from changing pictures imported to excel in the into cell mode not to change to portrait, i would much love some advice.

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I understand you're facing an issue where imported pictures in Excel switch to landscape when placed "in cell" but remain in portrait when placed "over cell." This can be frustrating, and I'm here to help!

While there's no direct setting to permanently force portrait orientation for "in cell" pictures, here are some workarounds you can try:

1. Use the "Over Cell" Option and Resize:

  • Import the picture using the "Over Cell" option.
  • Right-click the picture and choose "Format Picture."
  • In the "Format Picture" pane, go to the "Size & Properties" tab.
  • Under "Size & rotation," change the "Height" value to match the desired cell height while maintaining the aspect ratio (check the "Lock aspect ratio" box).
  • This will resize the picture vertically to fit the cell height while keeping it in portrait orientation.

2. Use the "Picture Fill" Option:

  • Right-click the cell where you want the picture.
  • Select "Format Cells."
  • In the "Format Cells" pane, go to the "Fill" tab.
  • Choose "Picture fill" and select the desired picture.
  • This method embeds the picture directly into the cell, preserving its original orientation. However, editing the picture becomes more limited.

3. Use the "Insert" -> "Picture" Option:

  • Click the "Insert" tab.
  • Click "Picture" and select the desired image.
  • Position the picture manually within the cell and resize it as needed using the drag handles.
  • This method offers more flexibility in positioning but doesn't embed the picture within the cell.

4. VBA Macro (Advanced):

  • If you're comfortable with VBA, you can create a macro that automatically resizes imported pictures to fit the cell height while maintaining the aspect ratio in "in cell" mode.
  • This requires some coding knowledge but can provide a more automated solution.

Additional Tips:

  • Ensure the original picture is in portrait orientation before importing it into Excel.
  • Experiment with different picture sizes and resizing methods to achieve the desired visual effect.
  • Consider using a consistent formatting approach (e.g., "Over Cell" with resizing) to maintain a uniform appearance across your spreadsheet.

I hope these suggestions help you import pictures into Excel in portrait orientation without encountering the landscape issue!