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IF function

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Hey All,

So I am working on a spreadsheet where 


C97 has this equation in it =25+C33+C63+C95 This equations takes subtractions from the other cells and this gives a positive number out of 25.

What I am trying to accomplish is, if the equation is greater then 17 then display the answer, if it is less then 17 display 0. 


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Like this:


=LET(s, 25+C33+C63+C95, IF(s>17, s, 0))


or, in older versions of Excel:


=IF(25+C33+C63+C95>17, 25+C33+C63+C95. 0)

Awesome! thank you so much. I was trying trying the old way and I couldn't get it to work, now I see why haha