If formula "Logical Test" not working properly

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I have been working on a excel form that has a list/drop down selections (B74):

1. Yes

2. No

3. Not assessed

3. Declined to answer


If drop down option "Yes" is selected, new text will appear below on (B75):

  • If(B2="Yes", "What's their role?", " ")
  • The logical_test used to always default as "= TRUE"



All my previous formulas have worked, but now if I write any new formula it's not working the way it usually does.


E.g. any NEW logical_test text I write automatically now sets to "= FALSE"

  • If(B74="No", "Occupation", " ")


I have not changed any settings prior to this, so I am unsure what happened.

What I have tried:

  • I get no error messages. 
  • I've tried writing the value_if_true and value_if_false in reverse but it does not work
  • My text is set to General
  • Calculation Options is still set as Automatic



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What you see in the part highlighted in yellow depends on the actual value of B74 when you create the formula.

If B74 happens to contain yes at that moment, B74="yes" will evaluate to TRUE.

But if B74 contains anything else, such as no or Boris Johnson or 37, B74="yes" will evaluate to FALSE.

@Hans Vogelaar thanks for the reply!



Based on your theory, I have selected B74="No" bit it still stays at false when I go and create a formula. The formula is accepted (no error notification) but it does not function at all like it normally does.


I've opened up a new excel spreadsheet and the same issue happens too. I've never had an issue until today.


Does B74 really contain only "No" or are there spaces before or after the word "No"?

That seemed to do the trick! Didn't realize there was a space. Thank you for your time