IF formula for timestamp

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I am using the above formula for time stamps to automatically be input if data is entered in the specified cell. However, whenever I enter data in the g7 column, the time and date stamp changes for each item in the b column in unison. Not just changing the time and date for b7. I do not understand why the formula is not working. 


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Do B8, B9 etc. contain formulas?

If so, what do they look like?

Yes, the formulas are:
=IF(G8<>"", IF(B8="",NOW(), B8),"")
=IF(G9<>"", IF(B9="",NOW(), B9),"")


Did you enable Iterative Calculation in File > Options > Formulas? That is required for these formulas to work.


Yes, I did. @HansVogelaar 




I have attached a small sample workbook. What do you see if you enter or edit a value in column G?