If Condition with multiple column

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Following formula for column N and Row 8 =IFERROR(IF($J8=0,0,$J8/$BX8*CA8),0)


Requirement is :  Example for row 8 : 

If column EK value is 0 then Column N should bring the value of column I.


Existing formula for column N is =IFERROR(IF($J8=0,0,$J8/$BX8*CA8),0)


How to achieve this. 

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Thank you. But i cam getting following error ,


Error is #DIV/0!


That's not what I suggested. I proposed



Hi hans . yes just i given the example. And your solution got worked. With your proposed i have added the iferror  =iferror(IF($EL608=0,$G608,IF($J608=0,0,$J608/$BX608*$DE608)),0)


Looks fine. Thank you for your solution .