I want to update prices on a list by entering name and current price values on a seperate sheet

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I am building a restaurant inventory workbook and it's been years since I created complex workbooks.


I have created an item master that has all inventory items and their most current price by size. I have also created all the recipes in individual food cost worksheets that pull the price per ingredient from the Item master.

Now I want to create an entry page just for new prices and have it update the corresponding item price in the item master.

The manager would open the workbook and on the first page are two entry cells. One is for the item name and the second for the price paid. 

I have built all of this up to this point already. What I want is for the manager to start entering the item name in the first cell and it pulls up the list of item master item name, so they can select the correct item, then they would enter the price paid and that price would update the item master price list, so that it would then automatically update the recipe item prices.

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This discussion has received nearly 50 views but no responses yet. I think everything you mentioned can be done with formulas. The reason there haven't been replies yet is it's difficult picturing what your workbook arrangement looks like. If you have an anonymized sample workbook you can upload or share via OneDrive/Dropbox, etc. - it will help you get a solution (or two or three) very quickly.