I need hep with spin button to change dates

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I add a spin button to change the year in cell D2 for last or next year. but the calendar is not changing dates on months.


If I change year in d2 manually it  is change to right days and dates.




Be very helpful get this working.


Thanks You sf49ers164480

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The calendar doesn't change for me if I manually change the date and I do not see anywhere in the formulas that would make me think it would. That said IF you go into Name Manager and change ScYear to point at that cell then it seems to work.

How I do that

@sf49ers19238597  Formulas -> Name Manager which pops up window as I show below then click on ScYear and edit formula in line at bottom.  Basically delete what is there and then click on cell D2.  Click check box to accept and close Name Manager.